Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Optimism is the key to success

 Hi all! Sorry this post is almost 2 days late.This week in Speech Writing we went over critiques of our first presentation. I had problems in many of the areas I suspected including posture, introduction and my use of non words (i.e. umm). While I wish I could have done better, I am looking at this speech from the prespective that I will definitely improve the aspects of my public speaking skills that need work, and in addition I will continue to strengthen what I'm good at. In Government Relations and lobbying we had a pretty normal class discussing articles we found throughout the week and having a lecture on a topic from the textbook. We also took time to have our first in class meeting with our group for the final project in which we have to lobby the issue of assets being checked in order for famillies to receive food stamps and create a powerpoint explaining our strategies. We had two sides to pick from when it comes to our issue, either side with the Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger or the Governer of Pennsylvania. Our group decided to challenge ourselves and side with the governer and while I definitely do not agree with his politics I think by taking this approach I will learn alot more than if I had stayed inside my comfort zone.
As I mentioned last week I had an interview for a paid internship on Tuesday. I think it went well considering I was pretty nervous. I arrived early and to my surprise the woman who was supposed to interview me was out sick and somebody else from the department ended up meeting with me. I immediately saw this as a disadvantage because the woman who was supposed to interview me is higher in the ranks than the woman I met with and she will likely be making the final decision. She won't have a face to face meeting to judge me on, just writing samples, and I hope that is enough. I was also the first person to interview for the position so I am worried that I will be forgotten by the time they are done interviewing the other candidates. That being said, I am confident that I made the best possible impression and that my writing samples are top notch so I think I have a decent chance of getting the position.

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