Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes things just take time...

This week at school was pretty normal. After alot of thought, on Monday, I presented my speech on Spina Bifida and it was received really well by both my professor and peers! It wasn't graded just critiqued, and I'm glad about that because I know I would have been insulted if I got a bad grade on something so dear to my heart. Tonight in Government Relations and Lobbying we had our normal lecture and discussion, and at the end of class we were assigned groups for our final project where we have to pick a stance and lobby an issue. I personally don't like group work, but my team members are really nice so we will see how it goes.
I have been commuting to school by train and despite living in Philadelphia my entire life I very seldom used public transportation. At first I was a bit anxious thinking I may miss my stop or I was on the wrong train but now I have it almost down to a science. This is rewarding for me since I don't drive and the train is an excellent way for me to travel independently. I have also settled into a somewhat organized routine with my school work and time managment skills. I don't have an overwhelming load this semester and I am able to do a little bit each day and have everything done efficiently a good length of time prior to class. And last but not least, I got huge news this week that I will be going on a job interview one week from today ( Tuesday), for a paid internship position. I will update you all on how I think it went in next week's entry

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