Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The start of a new beginning

Tonight was my first class of my graduate school career. This semesterI will be taking 2 classes, government relations and lobbying,and speech writing. Tonight I had government relations and lobbying and I really enjoyed it. There are only 11 people in the class which is much smaller than I'm used to but I actually prefer small classes over large lecture halls. Class started off with us going around and introducing ourselves and the professor went over the syllabus and answered any questions we had about class format and procedures. After that we had a short lecture introducing what lobbying is, what lobbyists specifically do, how lobbying uses public relations tactics and the history of lobbying. We also took a brief survey asking what we prevously knew about the field of lobbying before taking the course . I am very excited to see where this class goes in terms of content, and hopefully, I will get the opportunity to promote the importance of raising awareness and lobbying forSpina bifida and other disabilities.
I normally have class on Monday and Tuesday so I will most likely update this blog on tuesday evenings unless I get information regarding my job search or discover articles related to my research interests. So,unless anything interesting happens before then I will talk to you all in one week =)

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