Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real world experience is the most valuable

I'm in my fourth week of graduate school and so far I'm loving it! This week in Speech Writing we had to give short presentations selling a product for a different reason than its primary use. I chose toothpaste as an acne treatment ( it really does work :)), and to my surprise two other students chose the same topic.I'm not sure how my speech compared to theirs but I think I did well. In Government Relations and Lobbying we had our usual lecture and met with our groups for our final project. So far I am liking how my group is working together and I think the project will be successful.
Both of my professors are adjunct this semester, meaning that teaching is not their primary job, and they often work in the field in which they are instructing. I really enjoy having adjunct instructors as opposed to full time professors because even though they may not know all of the latest educational techniques they know what is going on in the workforce at the current time. This makes it easier for them to give career advice and make connections for jobs and internships.
This is a busy week for me in terms of my workload. On Monday I have a 5 minute persuasive presentation on why people should neuter their pets and a 2-3 page paper on a lobbying organization of my choice and of course I have my weekly reading for both classes.

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